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On 20 October 2023, Brunei Methanol Company Sdn Bhd (BMC) hosted an event for its employees in observance of World Mental Health Day. This global initiative is dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues and mobilizing efforts to improve mental health without any associated stigma.

The highlight of the event was a compelling panel discussion featuring Dr. Deeni Idris and Mr. Agong Lupat from the Institute of Health Sciences at Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), alongside Ms. Nor Syahmun Bte Haji Matassan, a Clinical Psychologist / Head of Mental Health Strategy Unit from the Health Promotion Centre. The forum not only delivered valuable insights and shared experiences but also fostered a meaningful and open dialogue among the attendees on mental health.

Panel discussion by Ms. Nor Syahmun Bte Haji Matassan, Mr. Agong Lupat and Dr. Deeni Idris.

The attendees also had the opportunity to explore a mini-exhibition that showcased materials from the Take-a-Break Project. This project was a collaboration effort between BMC with UBD staff and students that took place last year. Additionally, special activities were organized by seven UBD students from the BHSc Cohort 12. The interactive experience not only raised awareness and worked towards reducing stigma but also equipped participants with valuable insights and resources related to mental health. It emphasized the importance of emotional stability and highlighted methods for achieving it, including the importance of a strong support system and the value of self-care through taking a break.

BMC understands the profoundly positive impact of prioritizing mental health on the overall happiness and productivity of its employees. The event was an embodiment of the power of sharing experiences and engaging in meaningful dialogues, driving collective efforts to shape a brighter and healthier future.

UBD students organized inspiring and interactive mental health awareness activities.


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