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Health, Safety, Security & Environment


Safety stands as a fundamental core value at BMC.

Our commitment to Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) is integral to our operations, guiding our decision-making process. We strictly adhere to the legislations and applicable industry standards, prioritizing the safeguarding of our employees, contractors, customers, environment, and the communities in which we operate in.

Our safety approach revolves around fostering a safe, secure, and sustainable working environment for all. This involves strict adherence to safety protocols, thorough risk assessments, proactive implementation of preventive measures, and comprehensive education for employees and contractors on safe practices and behaviours.


We actively monitor our HSSE performance to identify areas for improvement. Through regular audits and assessments, we refine our processes, ensuring a continually evolving and robust HSSE framework.


Personal Safety

From the perspective of Lost-Time Injuries (LTI), our workforce continues to demonstrate significantly higher safety standards compared to the industry average. We have shown consistent performance year-after year with uninterrupted cumulative manhours without LTI since 2013.

We prioritize personal safety by collaborating closely with our employees and contractors, particularly in activities with higher potential consequences. Ensuring the verification of critical and effective safeguards both before commencing work and during its execution is central to our safety protocols.


Our ongoing commitment to preventing serious incidents has led to a sustained multi-year improvement trend and historically low rates of high-consequence injuries.

Emergency Preparedness

BMC is reasonably well-prepared to respond to a wide array of emergency events, including natural disasters, pandemics, and operational incidents. Regardless of the size, severity, or cause of an event, BMC has access to trained responders and resources.


We have also set up our Crisis Management Team (CMT) and Incident Command Team (ICT), and they are trained to respond promptly and effectively to emergencies, prioritizing the safety of all stakeholders.


In 2023, we chaired the Lumut Liang Industrial Area – Integrated Emergency Response Committee (LLIA-IERC) Major Live Exercise (Turbulence) as part of the Workplace Safety and Health (Facilities) (Control of Major Accident Hazards) Regulation, 2013. This exercise tested the integrated emergency response procedures of industries and the capabilities of various agencies involved in ensuring safety and security during real-time field deployments. It was a success, and it gave BMC the opportunity to test its readiness, as well as areas for improvement.  

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Process Safety

BMC has an unwavering commitment to safeguard our personnel, the community and the environment by effectively managing the inherent risks associated with our operations. Our Process Safety Management System (PSMS) serves as the foundation for managing process safety risks, outlining clear expectations, distributed throughout our management systems.


The necessary safeguards to mitigate process safety risks are integrated into our PSMS and are intrinsic to the design, operation, and maintenance of our facilities. We meticulously verify and maintain these safeguards to prevent or mitigate the consequences of any potential process safety event incidents.


As a proud member of the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS), our commitment involves strict adherence to industry standards, including OSHA 1910.119 and API Recommended Practice 754, amongst others. Employing a process safety indicator pyramid, we classify and monitor incidents based on severity, ranging from Tier 1 (events of greater consequence) to Tier 4. Annually, we report process safety events to the local authorities such as SHENA and Petroleum Authority.

Commitment to Environment


As one of the major players in the chemical industry, we recognized the environmental risks of our operations. To mitigate these risks, we have integrated environmental considerations into our overarching strategy. Our approach rooted in research, prevention, and dialogue with stakeholders, is wholly dedicated to continually enhancing our environmental footprint through sustainable practices aimed at reducing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Preserving Health

At BMC, we recognize the profound impact our operations can have on health. Therefore, we prioritize safeguarding the well-being of our employees, contractors, customers, and those who live in the communities near where we operate through measures designed to assess, inform, and protect.

Preventive measures are in place to identify and mitigate occupational health risks. This includes regular employee health check-ups, ergonomic assessments, and workplace design improvements. We also support mental health through awareness campaigns to reduce stigma and encourage open conversations.

By nurturing the vitality of our workforce, we not only enhance productivity but also cultivate a positive and collaborative work environment.  This approach not only fortifies our commitment to employee well-being but also underscores our dedication to responsible business practices.



At BMC, robust security measures are in place to protect our employees, contractors, and assets. Trained security personnel are strategically deployed to maintain a visible and proactive presence, ensuring a swift response to any security concerns.


In addition to these measures, we adhere to compliance with International Ship and Port Security standards, ensuring that our operations meet international security requirements for the safety and security of our facilities and maritime activities.

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