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Health, Safety & Environment



Safety is essentially a core value at BMC.

We operate in a manner that helps protect our employees, contractors, customers, environment and the communities where we operate.

Our approach to safety includes identifying possible risks, implementing measures to prevent potential incidents, and educating employees and contractors about unsafe behaviors.


Personal Safety

From a Lost-Time Injury (LTI) perspective, our workforce remains significantly safer than the industry as a whole. We continued our year-on-year improvement trend and achieved our consistent LTI results in 2020.

We work with our employees and contractors to understand personnel safety for higher-consequence activities and how to verify critical, effective safeguards are in place before the work begins and during execution.


With our focus on eliminating the most serious incidents, we extended a steady multi-year improvement trend in 2020, while also achieving a historically low rate of high-consequence injuries.

Emergency Preparedness

BMC is prepared to respond to a wide array of emergency events, including natural disasters, pandemics and operational incidents. Regardless of the size, severity or cause of an event, BMC has access to trained responders and resources.


Cross-functional teams develop and practice emergency response tactics through incident management teams and emergency support groups around Brunei.


In 2020, we carried out a four Major Accident Hazards related exercise in to demonstrate the readiness to plan and execute real-time field deployments effectively, based on the response actions included in the 2019 Safety Case.

Industrial Drill

Process Safety

BMC has an unwavering commitment to helping protect our people, the community and the environment by seeking to manage the risks inherent to our operations. Our Process Safety Management System (PSMS) serves as the foundation for managing process safety risks and establishes clear process safety expectations, which are distributed throughout our management systems.


The safeguards needed to protect against process safety risks are built into PSMS and integral to the way our facilities are designed, operated and maintained. We verify and rigorously maintain these safeguards to prevent or mitigate the consequences of a process safety event.


We apply industry standards, including the API Recommended Practice 754, OSHA 1910.119 and the Center for Chemical Process Safety Recommended Practice. We use a process safety indicator pyramid to classify and track incidents by severity from Tier 1 (events of greater consequence) through Tier 4. We report process safety events to several organizations each year, including SHENA and Petroleum Authority.

Commitment to Environment

As one of the major player in the chemical industry, we are aware of the environmental risks of our operations. To avoid or minimize these risks, we make environmental issues an integral part of our strategy. Our strategy based on research, prevention and stakeholder dialogue is fully focused on continuously improving our environmental performance.


Our approach is based on understanding the environment, because a better knowledge of risks makes it easier to anticipate them effectively and take appropriate preventive measures. At the outset of each project, we perform an environmental impact study to obtain:


• A detailed picture of the baseline situation.

• A precise assessment of the potential effects of our operations.

• A set of measures to minimize the impact.

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Preserving Health

At BMC, we understand that our operations can have an impact on health. We therefore do everything we can to safeguard the health of our employees and customers and those who live in the communities near where we operate through measures designed to assess, inform and protect.


Society is also affected by the presence of the disease among its members, as the productivity of these patients weakens, and they become dependent on society.

As for the presence of healthy individuals in society, this means the presence of productive individuals who possess the power and the ability to give and serve.

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