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“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell.

Managers face many challenges today: Can they effectively lead? Can they successfully communicate a vision that inspire the employees to perform?

Brunei Methanol Company Sdn Bhd organized a Leadership Retreat Workshop last Saturday, 18 March 2023.

At the Great Room, Boardroom, Brunei Hotel, our Senior Leaders comprising of our Executives, General Managers and Department Heads spent a fruitful day learning some key skills from Asia Edge Pte Ltd (PetroEdge & PowerEdge) to maximize the employees’ performance in line with our company’s objectives.

A group photo of our senior leaders attending the Leadership Workshop Retreat.

During the workshop, participants discussed the prioritisation of BMC’s goals, learnt and demonstrated the effective goal cascade process, and reviewed the commitment and action activity of the participants, together with the coach, Shenton Ng.

We look forward to our participants putting their newly learnt skills into good use.

The photos below show our senior leaders participating in the activities and interacting with coach Shenton Ng:


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