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It has come to the attention of Brunei Methanol Company Sendirian Berhad (“BMC”) that unauthorized individuals or organizations were falsely using BMC’s name in emails and social communication platforms such as ‘WhatsApp Messenger’, impersonating as a recruiter from BMC to job-seekers or members of the public.

BMC wishes to stress that our official recruitment advertisements shall only be posted via local registered newspapers, Brunei Government’s Job Centre and BMC’s official website.

Below are a few quick steps to recognize fraud:

1. BMC’s official website domain is Any format other than this domain is not genuine.

2. Email communication on recruitment from BMC, if any, would be sent via BMC’s recruitment team, using only e-mail domains of

3. No money transfers or payments of any kind will EVER be requested from applicants by BMC or any of the recruitment agencies duly authorized to act on behalf of BMC, at any point in the recruitment process; or for immigration documents, insurance, or any other purpose.

Should you experience any of the foregoing, please treat the communication as fraudulent and forward it to: or

Thank you.


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