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Industrial visit is a learning experience that allows students and facilitators to have a first-hand look at how specific industries work, and BMC is proud to host such an event for educational purposes.


On 2 July 2024, instructors from the Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) came to BMC for an insightful day of learning and collaboration.


The visit was divided into two sessions:

Morning session: the instructors delved into the operational aspects of our methanol plant and explored the technologies we use in the production process. Engaging discussions with our operations team, combined with a comprehensive site visit, provided the instructors with firsthand insights into the real-world applications.


Afternoon session: the instructors from the Instrumentation and Control Engineering field expressed a keen interest in understanding our Operations Training Simulator (OTS) system in our central control room. BMC’s OTS system, a direct replica of our Distributed Control System (DSC), allowed the instructors to experience the practical application of control loop tuning in a process plant. By virtualizing the DCS plant behaviour, the instructors were able to understand the cause-and-effect relationships and the tuning philosophy of adjusting Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) characteristics of various control applications within our processes.


At BMC, we are dedicated to nurturing talent and building strong community relationships. Our CSR strategy #RESPECT, drives us to give back to the community, foster meaningful relationships, and support the development of future talent. By collaborating with educational institutions, we aim to create a positive impact on society, empowering the next generation with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.


Together, we’re making a difference and creating a brighter future.  🌍✨

Engaging in knowledge exchange as BMC CEO, Mr. Jesús Enrique Mora Marín and Plant General Manager, Mr. Mohd Nor Amin Bin Hj Abd Wahab interact with IBTE instructors during their insightful visit to BMC.

BMC HSSE General Manager, Pg Mohamad Supri Bin Pg Haji Chuchu engaging in discussions aimed at fostering collaborative learning and safety initiatives.

The IBTE instructors concluded their visit with a tour of the plant facilities.

(Photos above and below)


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