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BMC recently concluded its second-quarter Board of Director meeting on 12 June 2024, gathering our shareholder representatives from Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. (MGC), ITOCHU Corporation (ITC) and Mirkhas Sdn Bhd. The meeting was hosted by MGC, our major shareholder, at their newly established MGC Commons Innovation Centre, Japan.

The 3-day business itinerary in Tokyo commenced with a tour of MGC’s Niigata plant facility, which produces methanol and ammonia derivatives, meta-xylenediamine; MX nylon, and bio-related products.

The delegation, led by our shareholder representatives, BMC Chairman, Mr. Takayuki Miyamoto, and Mr. Kaneshige Kubushiro (both representing MGC), included BMC Deputy Chairman, Dato Seri Paduka Haji Khairuddin bin Haji Abd. Hamid and Mr. Ahmad Fathi bin DP Haji Junaidi amongst others (representing Mirkhas Sdn Bhd), BMC CEO, Mr. Jesús Enrique Mora Marín, along with BMC executive management representatives.

We were also joined by Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB) Acting CEO, Mr. Daniel Leong. Together, we received an introduction to Circular Carbon Methanol (Carbopath) from MGC’s Niigata Plant General Manager, Mr. Yuichi Sugano.

The visit further included tours of MGC’s Hydrogen Station, showcasing advancements in hydrogen energy, and the MGC Terminal, a key hub for chemical loading. The MGC Terminal President Mr. Toru Nakamura and Manager Mr. Shigeyuki Ishimura, provided a detailed overview of the facility’s operations and strategic importance.

A key highlight was a courtesy call to MGC President, Mr. Masashi Fujii, reinforcing BMC’s strong relationship with its shareholders. Discussions revolved around diversifying Brunei’s economy through sustainable projects and potential collaborations on carbon neutrality technology, highlighting our commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The delegation also visited ITC’s office for insights into the methanol market, aligning BMC’s strategies with global trends.

This quarter’s board meeting and visits underscore BMC’s dedication to strong partnerships, fostering progress, and shaping a sustainable future for all stakeholders.

Group photo of the delegation at MGC's Hydrogen Station (above) and Terminal Station (below).

 Group photo of the delegation with MGC President, Mr. Masashi Fujii (above) and Itochu representatives (below).


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