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Our Delivery Facilities


Methanol Export Facility (Offshore)

With the huge demand for methanol in Asia, BMC’s Methanol Export Facility (offshore) serves as a vital conduit, strategically positioned for exporting high-quality methanol to markets in North East Asia and South East Asia.


To facilitate this methanol export, Darussalam Enterprise (upon novation from the Brunei Economic Development Board) provides the Methanol Export Facilities under a 22-year commercial Lease Agreement.

BMC’s Single Point Mooring (SPM) facility serves as a pivotal hub for exporting methanol, ensuring seamless cargo transfer operations. Our SPM is designed to cater to vessels of varying sizes, boasting the capability to accommodate vessels with a Deadweight Tonnage (DWT) of up to 46,000 DWT, with a minimum accepted vessel size of 5,000 DWT. Spanning roughly 14 km offshore, our facility is equipped to handle large volumes of methanol efficiently. With a design flowrate of 1,000 MT/HR at maximum capacity and 300 MT/HR at minimum, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Tanker mooring system adheres to the standards outlined by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF). The tanker is securely fastened to the buoy through a hawser arrangement, ensuring stability and reliability.

Product transfer systems, including the Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM) positioned at a depth of 21-25m, a 30-meter subsea hose, floating hoses ranging from 190 meters to 200 meters connected to tankers. Floating hose strings with breakaway couplings further enhance safety measures, preventing oil spills in the event of unexpected disconnection. These couplings automatically close internal valves to contain product release.

Domestic Loading Facility (Onshore)

On 29 November 2023, we officially launched our Domestic Loading Facility (Onshore) with the purpose of supplying Methanol to the domestic market using ISO tank, a specialized tank container built in compliance with ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization).

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