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As the present chair of the Liang Lumut Industrial Area - Integrated Emergency Response Committee (LLIA-IERC), Brunei Methanol Company Sdn Bhd (BMC) recently hosted a meeting with the committee member representatives.

Held on 15 February 2023 at the Viewing Gallery, Level 4 at the SPARK Building, the event was attended by, amongst others, representatives from Brunei Fertilizer Industries Sdn Bhd; Brunei LNG Sdn Bhd; TotalEnergies; Darussalam Enterprise (DARe); and various Government agencies such the National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC); District Disaster Management Centre (DDMC); Brunei Fire Rescue Dept (BFRD), Emergency Ambulance Service (EMAS), Royal Brunei Police Force (RBAF) and Marine Port Authority Brunei Darussalam (MPABD).

The engagement session was to ensure alignment among the LLIA-IERC and government agencies in preparation for the upcoming major live exercise that will be conducted by BMC in due time. The overall objective of the major live exercise is to test and evaluate the readiness and robustness of BMC’s emergency response capabilities in collaboration and integration with the LLIA-IERC.

We are committed to working together towards a common goal – to safeguard the safety of our people, protect the environment, assets and reputation, as well as the safety of our community and industrial neighbours.

Blessing the event was Health, Safety, Security and Environment General Manager, Pg Mohamad Supri Bin Pg Haji Chuchu.


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