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On 4 April 2023, our representatives and Seatrade Shipping Sdn Bhd attended the Methanol Shipment Inspection and Quality Testing Seminar hosted by Bureau Veritas (“BV”) Brunei.

A group photo of the participants that had the opportunity to connect and expand their knowledge at the Methanol Shipment Inspection and Quality Testing Seminar.

BV’s Country Manager for Commodities (“CTD”), Mr. Billy Li Bing presented "The work scope of the loading Inspection at BMC Export Marine Facility," emphasizing the importance of Quantity Determination, Quality Verifying, and Sampling.

He further presented on “Methanol Quality, Specification, and Testing," which enabled the participants to conform to the American Society for Testing and Materials (“ASTM”) and International Methanol Producers and Consumers Association (“IMPCA”) methanol specification and each parameter method, test summary, significance, and use.

Our Logistic Officer (Marine), Mr. Carlos Eduardo Quijada Noriega shared how methanol is produced, stored, and handled in BMC. In his presentation, he emphasized the importance of cargo surveyors as impartial entities in the certification of the quality and quantity of the products.

He further stressed that cargo surveyors can help the involved parties to ensure that the sampling and testing processes comply with global industry standards and regulations. It is crucial for all the related parties (Terminal Personnel, Shipping Agency, Vessel Crew) to know the safe and proper way to handle and transport methanol to secure its quality from the loading port to the final customer.

Methanol is a hazardous chemical and requires careful handling during transportation and storage. The seminar focused on reinforcing the knowledge about the quality and quantity inspection and certification, sampling procedures, and parameters and tests of methanol in the ship loading process.

Methanol is a valuable commodity, any loss due to mishandling or poor quality can result in significant financial losses. Whilst the seminar provided an opportunity for our logistic team to network with industry experts, it also helped to understand the importance of maintaining the quality of methanol in preventing adverse impacts on production processes and end products.

The above and below photo shows BMC's Logistic Officer (Marine), Mr. Carlos Eduardo Quijada Noriega sharing insights and expertise at the seminar.


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